Year: 2015 - 2018
Google maps for warehouse. PikVu automates the entire "pick and pack" process in a warehouse using GetVu's Augmented Reality technology and also PikVu provides a real-time tracking system with sub-meter accuracy for identifying the exact location of each picker inside the warehouse. PikVu empowers with fast training, easy navigation, simple identification, real-time productivity estimation, etc.

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Year: 2016 - 2018
RemoteVu is an Augmented Reality solution for a field service technician. A technician will be able to contact the engineer remotely, and with live feed and instructions, the issue is fixed in a much quicker and efficient way. Fixing the right part of the machine needs clear visual content for easy and fast service. Collaboration is facilitated by drawing on, or annotating, preexisting images and real-time file sharing using tablets or desktops, which can be viewed by the technician using smart glass.

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AR Headset

Year: 2014 - 2015
A new generation of AR experience can be provided through headset and hand gesture control. GetVu is the first to bring Leap Motion to augmented reality and tried to change the way people interact with AR applications. The era of the touch input is over, with the help of Leap Motion, people can interact with AR application in a most natural way possible using hands. Possibilities of AR Application using this headset are endless. We tried creating a few applications like Home Theatre, CAD Viewer, Air Hockey game, etc. Using GetVu's AR Headset, we can create a world of promising AR applications by merging the digital and real-world in a whole new way. Getvu's AR Headset has been exhibited at AWE14 (Augmented World Expo).

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Year: 2017 - 2018
PikVu2D is an extension of project PikVu where instead of a three-dimensional navigation system, we use a two-dimensional navigation system. To be more precise, here we use two-dimensional maps as an alternative to 3D navigational arrows for navigating a picker. PikVu2D supports smartglasses like Intel Recon Jet Pro, ODG R6, ODG R7, Epson BT200 and RealWear HMT-1.

AR Card Game

Year: 2017
AR Card Game is an educational app for iOS and Android developed using Unity Game Engine. It is an augmented reality app that will augment a 3D animated Model when the mobile camera is pointed towards a playing card (Predefined markers). Augmenting part is done using Metaio. Initially, all the data required for the app to augment like models, textures, animation files, and mapping data (relationship between card and model) etc will be on a server. Admin is given access to a web app where he can manage the database. The user has to download a pack (set of cards) from the server using a unique code provided to him/her, in order to augment a model over the cards. All the data related to that pack will be downloaded and made available offline. The user can then augment the models just by pointing towards the card.


Year: 2015
FACE BDM is an android application developed for Focus Academy for Career Enhancement (FACE). This android application is mainly used by Business Development Managers (BDM) at FACE to update their daily activities. BDMs will travel across India to different colleges and update information like who they met, where they went etc in the application.